When life's a challenge there is a solution.

Empowering and assisting people to resolve work and life issues.


SOLUTIONZ.NZ provide an onsite person who comes to your workplace on a regular basis. They listen, support, encourage and empower you by being an impartial and objective listener. Anything you discuss with the onsite support person is confidential.

When life  works better, business  works better.

We all have times in our lives when we face personal challenges or crises that affect our health and wellbeing - and sometimes our work. It could be a work related, a family problem or a combination of different issues that may worrying you.

If these problems aren't sorted out, they can turn into bigger issues, which can affect your ability to perform at work or result in illness, time off work, lapses in concentration, increased risk of on-the-job accidents, or stress in other areas of your life.

SOLUTIONZ.NZ work with teams to proactively resolve work and life issues.

The result... a healthy work-life balance for all employees.

Identifying and understanding any problems that are worrying you, either at home or at work, is the first vital step towards feeling empowered and getting back on top of your life.

What we offer

Telephone Counselling
Personal Counselling
Debt Counselling
Personal Development
Wellness Centre
Lifestyles Benefit
Personal Assistant
Stress Assessment and Services
Work / Life Benefits
Wellness Coaching

Know your value

Know there are alternatives

Ask - don’t suffer

How we can help improve your working life

Through confidential on-the-job support, we've helped employees deal with a wide range of both personal and work-related issues, including:

  • finding solutions to your challenges
  • motivation and self esteem
  • managing conflict
  • anxiety, anger and depression
  • relationship challenges
  • workplace coaching
  • career development
  • positive psychology
  • organisation psychology
  • psychology distress scale
  • psychometrics
  • children's counselling
  • literacy and numeracy
  • dyslexia
  • well-being seminars
  • depression screening
  • drug abuse screening test
  • mental health problems
  • Reach out now ... we can help you!

    SOLUTIONZ.NZ are here to help you answer the difficult questions
    and help you resolve work related and life issues.

    Anything discussed is confidential between you and your support colleague.



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